Quests bugfixes:
- Quest: Opening the statistics did not trigger the quest world_1. Fixed.
- Quest: There has been an exploit between tutorial step 04 and 05. It has been removed.
- Quest: The shop quest was not marked as "finished" without a manual refresh of the page. Fixed.
- Quest: World_15 does not trigger even though 3 settlers have been built. Fixed.
- Quest: Economy_07 did not trigger when sending merchants. Fixed.
- Quest: Tutorial_03 finished every woodcutter level, not just a lvl1 woodcutter. Fixed.
- Quest: The help highlighting (red rectangle) only marks the coordinates in the task description. Fixed.
- Quest / Tutorial: Battle_07 showed an occupied oases in the description, which confuses players. Fixed.
- Tutorial: The tips get activated everytime a page is reloaded. Fixed.
- Tutorial: If the tips get deactivated, this only counted for the actual page. Fixed.

Alliance bugfixes:
- Alliance forum: "<" and ">" are not allowed for usage.
- Alliance forum: Even though the player is banned, he still had the possibility to reuse an old article to keep on writing. Fixed.
- Alliance forum: Even though the player is banned, he could create new threads. Fixed.
- Alliance: If a banned member tried to configure rights/positions in the alliance the following message had no layout. Fixed.
- Pushing protection: It had some issues when both players are not in an alliance. Fixed.

Hero/auctions bugfixes:
- Hero: Giving out attribute points for your hero in 2 different tabs caused the error "%%karte.toManyPointsSettedOverAll (de)%%". Fixed.
- Hero: The portrait of the hero only changes after a reload of the page. Fixed.
- Hero item: The bonus from the pennants did not work on speed servers. Fixed.
- Hero: There is no time shown for how long it takes until you have enough resources to revive a hero. Fixed.
- Auctions: The first horse is now sellable and visible for other players.
- Auctions: Players could identify their auctions and if they already got a bet on it by the colour of the question mark. Fixed.

Village/Oases bugfixes:
- WW village: Fake attacks can block a ww village. Fixed.
- Village: If you name your village "[[?]]" it was changed to [?] and has then been unclickable. Fixed. ("[?]" is now only used for deleted villages again)
- Oases: Oases were only attackable if the player clicked on them on the map before attacking it. Fixed.
- Marketplace: It is possible to send more merchants than resources that are available. Fixed.
- Exchange office: The error message for entering anything other then numbers got corrected.
- Exchange office: Its not usable when an account is in deletion. We added a warning message here.
- There could be a celebration held while the brewery is still in construction for lvl 1. Fixed.
- Production overview: The supporting troops (from another account) crop consumption is shown in the part where the oases are listed. Fixed.
- Residence / Village Sign: the number for the needed culture points showed different values in the residence and the tooltip on the village sign. Fixed.
- Crop consumption: The calculation for the crop consumption had an error when the artefact for lower crop was active. Fixed.
- Marketplace: The number of available merchants were wrong. Fixed.
- Village: Changing the village while trying to settle causes the target-coordinates to be wrong. Fixed.
- Oases: The 25% bonus had a calculation issue when having small values. Fixed.
- Treasury: On a 10x speed server the treasury showed a wrong value for when the artefact gets activated. Fixed.
- Rallye point: attacks on own oases were not shown in the rally point. Fixed.

Gold/Shop bugfixes:
- Shop: The visualization of the shop voucher was wrong. Fixed.
- Gold: Using instant construction in 2 tabs causes the error message "Error on performing pre booking process". Fixed.
- The shop button on the logout page has been changed to a button that leads to the travian facebook page.

General stuff:
- The "change resources" button was not always visible even if it should. Fixed.
- InfoBox: The artefacts and construction plans have been shown with the same time. Fixed.
- some code opimizations
- "More games" have been actualized.
- some corrections for TS for the setup of the gameworlds.
- Natars: After a calculated time the natars stop upgrading the village wall. This shall player better enable to farm these villages.
- Auto completion: The auto completion from the browser is reactivated.
- IGM: Errors could be created by entering a not existing user as a recipient. Those could be done so many times that the game blocked itself. Fixed.
- IGM: Preview button did not show the preview as intended. Fixed.
- Map: The tooltip for the wilderness showed (0|0). Fixed.
- Production Booster: After an update the active advancement for the booster got unchecked/deactivated. Fixed.
- Registration: The red error messages in the registration window caused the layout to be broken. Fixed.


- The NPC button is always available, even if there are not enough resource to trade. It is now changed back to when you dont have enough resources it is grey.