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Tópico: T4.2 StuffyStuff-3

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    Padrão T4.2 StuffyStuff-3

    - Quest: World_15: quest does not finish. Fixed.
    - login page: request password feature does not work with googlemail/gmail adresses. Fixed.
    - sometimes plus account and resource booster are not getting extended automatically. Fixed.
    - amount of account population is wrong after you conquered your own village. Fixed.
    - chargeback IGMs of click&buy packages have wrong text. Fixed.
    - (was bug in TwoShoes) player ranking missing in player profile. Fixed.
    - (was bug in TwoShoes) amount of alliance members is wrong in alliance profile. Fixed.
    - (was bug in TwoShoes) natars show up in village statistics for villages taken over by natars. Fixed.
    - (was bug in TwoShoes) market: sent resources are not taken from your stock. Fixed.
    - (was bug in TwoShoes) registration doesn't work. Fixed.

    new: Statistics:
    - alliance population statistics moved to the new database
    - alliance offense statistics moved to the new database
    - alliance defense statistics moved to the new database
    - player offense statistics moved to the new database
    - player defense statistics moved to the new database
    - first village start positions moved to new database

    new: Loyalty
    - in palace/residence under 'Culture points' there is now a new overview showing how many villages you have, how many you can have, how many culture points you need for next village, how many culture points this village and your other villages produce and how many parties you are throwing
    - in palace/residence under 'Loyalty' there is a description what loyalty is for and an overview of the loyalty of your villages
    - culture point production is corrected. In past culture points were produced about 1 minute per 3 hours too fast. Now it works correct and loyalty increases 2 * level of palace/residence within 3 hours to a maximum of 100. This maximum can still be increased by tablets of law.

    Game T4.2 StuffyStuff-2 #1651 (created 05.08.13)
    - The checkbox for the advancement of boni or plus was not disabled when a player ran out of gold. Fixed.
    - When you report an IGM of a player as spam, then the report link will disappear and the area is blank. Fixed.
    - Some internal fixes for the questlog.
    - Some config stuff for techsupport.

    Game T4.2 StuffyStuff-3 #1652 (created 12.08.13)
    - Town hall: Duration of big celebration equals the small celebration. Fixed.
    - Master builder: If you use master builder to upgrade your ww and your artifact gets inactive, then the page is reloaded indefinitely and causes a request ban. Fixed.
    - Quests: some only internal visible stuff about Tutorial_1, Tutorial_12 and Battle_09 fixed.
    - Quests: it happens that the quest master does not work anymore and an "unknown error" message occurs. Fixed.
    - Quests: it takes too long until you get a reward after you click the button. Fixed.
    - Statistics: deleted alliances are still shown in statistics. Fixed.
    - Statistics: some players have the same rank and some have rank 0. Fixed.
    - Registration does not work, it says that the server is full. Fixed.
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