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Game T4.2 *BirthdaySpecial-23* #1823 (created 19.03.2014)
- TRAVIANIV-7161, TRAVIANIV-7084: Ally forum: copied all changes from T4.4 to Birthday Special
- TRAVIANIV-7110: Multilanguage gameworlds: Special language characters: Merge letters allowed in lt, lv and ee. Done.
- TRAVIANIV-6958: Daily Quests: Raid unoccupied oasis: quest doesn't trigger if hero has cages but there are no animals. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-6961: Daily Quests: Displayed time for the daily reset is wrong when changing to different time zones. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7068: Daily Quests: It is possible to gain multiple rewards at the same time. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7050: Daily Quests: Gold transfer link: Daily quest #5 doesn't trigger after gaining gold via GTL. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7186: Master builder: infinte page reload when artifact is missing. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7015: Trade routes to artefact villages do still start even after the artefact got stolen. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7152: Artifact: Big Cranny: doesn't always work correctly. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7124: Natars: Artefact villages do not get deleted after the artefact has been conquered. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7139: ww village: Culture points: WW villages in grey area still produce culture points. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7072: Game end: GTL: gold transfer link is not created for all players. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-6950: Buildings: Marketplace: Users send resources to wrong place accidently. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7070: Reports: Trade routes: Wrong recipient shown if sender is not recipient. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7090: Reports: Ally reports: If you change your active village while you are in the reports, then a blank area is shown. Fixed.
_ACP and stuff:_
- TRAVIANIV-5821: ACP: BRS: consider player recruitment gold and gold transfers in backup recovery system. Done.
- TRAVIANIV-7035: Newsboxes: When creating a new newsbox the memcache does not get deleted and therefor the box is not displayed. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7272: Daily Quests: no reset after switch to summer time. Logging added.
- TRAVIANIV-7217: general production logging added
- TRAVIANIV-7077: Daily Quests: Logging: CleanUp job for deleting old data doesn't start. Fixed.
- TRAVIANIV-7007: some database stuff optimized.

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